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Ever thought that you would like more control over your web site? You can, with a fully integrated eCMS (Content Management Solution) from eFirst.

Whether you would like us to integrate your existing web site design, create a new eye catching design for your site, we can help in any way needed.

eFirst can import, format and lay out your text and images, ready for you or your staff to manage on an ongoing basis

Some of the powerful management features of the eFirst eCMS include:

The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor

Web-based, requiring no additional software or tools other than your web browser to make any site changes.

the WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit your site content as it will appear on your website, using familiar MS Word text editing tools. This allows non-technical staff to make changes to your website without a prior knowledge of HTML. Formatting of text, inserting images, creating links to other pages and downloadable files such as PDFs are all simple using the eFirst eCMS WYSIWYG editor.

Website Statistics

eFirst eCMS doesn't just stop with powerful website management capabilities. Unlike other CMS software, eFirst eCMS provides full colour statistical charts and information based on certain aspects of your site which are important in helping not only your site grow, but your business in general.

eFirst eCMS provides powerful on call data and information at the click of a mouse - in one easy click you'll have access to how visitors have come to your site, on what day, within a selected time period and the pages that they've chosen to visit

Multiple/User Security Levels

eFirst eCMS supports an unlimited number of Administration users, and each user may have access to certain areas of the eFirst eCMS administration system.

For example a user may have privileges to create, edit and publish documents whilst another group of users may add and edit content, but may not publish the changes to the live system. This potentially allows a Manager the opportunity to review changes prior to publishing them online.


Need to offer overseas customers the ability to search your site without worrying if they are fluent in your native tongue? Communication is vital.

eFirst eCMS provides multi-lingual content ability, allowing you to enter your website content in a number of different languages.

Site Administrators can enter content in any number of languages.

Visitors to your website can then choose from a list of available languages and the content is then updated instantly to their selected language.


The calendar feature allows you to add and update events and items of importance in relation to your website. Visitors will at a glance know what is coming up …

By selecting a month, date and specifying a specific date and time, you are able to add in events and assign duration times, descriptions and event names to your Calendar.

Advanced File Manager

The eFirst eCMS File Manager allows you to maintain the images and downloads available on your website without an FTP application. The eFirst File Manager allows you to create, edit and remove directories as well as uploading images and downloadable files.

This gives you full control over content that is located on your server and will allow you to ensure website limits are not exceeded with redundant data or files. This ensures easy, direct and complete site maintenance ability.

Content Tree Navigation

Administrators can easily navigate through all of the content pages within the site by using the eFirst eCMS Content Tree.

The Content Tree outlines all pages created in the system in hierarchical order and is available to ensure you have instant access to any pages that require updates or removal, without having to search the site to locate each page.

Automated Site Map

An automated, dynamic sitemap is created on-the-fly when using eFirst eCMS.

By adding in your web site content pages and assigning headings and titles, you are automatically creating your site map.

Site visitors will be able to navigate the entire site, in a hierarchical tree display of every page quickly, easily and intuitively.

Form Builder

The eFirst eCMS form builder provides site Administrators the power to develop fully functional web forms without editing HTML or complex code, which can then be used to capture, store and submit information to the Administrators of the site.

Admin. users can dynamically build contact, feedback and enquiry forms using the Form Builder - which will capture necessary customer details and post this information to a nominated email account, as well as storing detail within the eFirst eCMS system.


eFirst eCMS allows customers to create and assign FAQ Topics and Items to the site with ease.

By entering in a series of FAQ Topics, Questions and Answers, you can ensure your site will always give customers a specific place to search for information they may require, keeping your site fresh and relevant.

Site visitors will no longer need to search through the entire site or contact you directly. This provides you a direct and easy way to answer any common queries in relation to your business or site, keeping your customers happier!


eFirst eCMS offers a full newsletter manager. Visitors to the site can elect to signup to your newsletter and have their details stored within the eFirst CMS system.

Administrators can then develop the newsletter to be sent out to subscribers and automatically perform a bulk mailout. Subscribers can be viewed in list format and removed if required.

When signing up, new customers will receive a confirmation email, which they must read and a link clicked prior to them receiving email newsletters to ensure you are not sending out unwarranted emails in breach of SPAM laws.

Site visitors can automatically unsubscribe at anytime. It also prevents robots from hijacking your mailing list.

The use of dynamic tags within the email newsletter system ensures you can personalise messages sent to each customer to give an authentic, personalised look to the email.

Export to Static HTML files

Yes, we do that as well. Simply click one button and export all of your content out to static HTML pages. This can assist with speeding up your web site if it is busy, or if you want the content for other locations, such as a distributable CD.

Content is exported in each site language as well, so a user can browse the site in HTML in their chosen language.